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The history of Arachova - Istoria
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The history of Arachova

The history of Arachova, dates back to antiquity. It is full of old housing from the Parnassus Zemeno.
In Korykeion Cave tracks installed in 3000 BC Neolithic
At the time of Homer, there were two cities, Anemoreia west of town today and Kyparissos called "big village Likoria" by Homer, Pausanias and Strabo. Anemoreia the ancient city was among the officials mentioned by Homer, where the men took part in the Trojan War with the returning officers and the plan ".
An ancient city Likoria, high on Mount Parnassus, leads us to weather the flood. Then in Liakoura the highest peak of Parnassus (2457m) is the ark of Deucalion and Pyrra, which gave the Greek, the Greek patriarch.
By continuing life history, the region of Arachova, showing settlements and Byzantine times.
During the revolution of 1821, Arachova was active.
The friendly Anthimos Gazis, lived in Arachova, while many guys were Αθ.Διάκου Arachovitis. It should be noted that the first revolutionary flag Roumeli "Arachovitiki.
In 1823, the Pasha Perkoftsali-burn end to end Arachova, then transmits the tradition of folk music of the famous song "katakaimeni Arachova.
In November 1826, the battle station Arachova is the historian who sealed the evolution of the revolution of Rumeli. G. Karaiskakis with the help of 300 Arachoviton, eliminated in 2000 Albanian Turkish Moustampei opposite the historic church of St George.
The brilliant victory of the Greeks against the Ottoman Turks was attributed to life-saving surgery, the best general of St. George, which in the wild wind (the litany in the local name), a sudden snowstorm and cold, helped the Greeks to the victorious march of battle.
The events of the heroic, they were still alive in the souls of Arachoviton, coupled with faith in protective presence olothermi Trophybearer arrived St. George and incorporated the old days, the religious feast of the holy glory, the famous and infamous Panigirakis, then by giving the strong national character.
Important was the contribution of Arachoviton the match and the German invaders. In September 1943 was a "mistake" on the road to Delphi, a major battle.

After World War II, the tedious Arachovitis develop agriculture and animal husbandry. Olives, olive oil, fine wine Brouskou are few. Arachovitika karpitia also woven by weavers looms Arachovitises was famous everywhere.
Famous are dairy products, and especially Formaela, the famous cheese Arachovitika whose name and origin was established by decision of the European Union as an appellation of origin, and therefore produced only in Arachova.
An important step in the development of Arachova, was the creation of the ski resort of Parnassus. Attracts thousands of visitors and friends, skiing, Arachova became the capital of the splendor of the winter holidays coming from outside.

Arachova today, despite the exponential growth, maintains a traditional and authentic life, manners and customs. Climax Arachovitikis soul and a three-day festival, celebrated by the Greek, "Panigirakis. Double named one of celebration, religious and national problems related to the commemoration of the battle in 1826 and the prevalence of C. Karaiskaki Moustampei against the Turkish-Albanian and the help of St. George in the decisive battle. During the festival, revived the ancient Greek tradition which show the deep historical roots of Arachova.
The historic church of St George in 1676 and today was built in 1833. The monument Karaiskaki the historic ramparts, gun and the place where the historic battle took place in 1826, located next to the historic church of St George. The west exit of Arachova, built a marble bust of G. Karaiskaki head of the great Battle of Arachova. Time Rock downtown and elementary school neoclassical houses the folklore museum, a gem for Arachova.
Love Arachoviton the place and pure emotional power announce a bright future for Arachova.

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